100% Hemp Canvas Fabric- Natural Color, 270 GSM

  • Highlights:
  • Material: Hemp
  • Composition: 100% Hemp
  • Width: 58 Inches (145 cm)
  • Color: Natural
  • GSM: 270

Product Details:

  1. 100% Hemp Canvas Fabric is natural in color and weighs 270 GSM.
  2. Hemp Fabrics are 3 times stronger than cotton fibers, so it last much longer without losing shape.
  3. The natural creamy shade of the fabric looks good as lightweight Jackets too.
  4. Fabulous hemp canvas can be used for various purposes such as fashion accessories, Ruck sacs and cases etc.
  5. Flexible fabric with a strong weave, it is perfect for interior projects and upholstery.
  6. Hemp Canvas fabric is great for art projects and products such as bags, curtains, clothing, shoes, tarps, tipis, sails, etc.
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It was almost perfect. It is going to do what I need just fine.
Lisa Andre
Lisa Andre
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I will order again. I love this store, the quality of materials are great and fast shipping.
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Awesome product, 100% Pure Handloom Hemp Fabric, made from Himalayan Hemp is raw and natural in color.

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