Hemp & Bamboo Blended Fabric, White Color, 140 GSM

  • Highlights:
  • Material: Hemp & Bamboo
  • Composition: 55% Hemp + 45% Bamboo
  • Width: 58 Inches (145 cm)
  • Color: White
  • GSM: 140

Product Details:

  1. 55% Hemp and 45% Bamboo, this fabric has 58″ width and weighs 140 GSM.
  2. This Hemp and Bamboo blended fabric is incredibly soft and free of chemical bleaching.
  3. Excellent fabric for shirts, boxers, dresses, top-wear etc.
  4. Absorbent, soft, and inviting.
  5. The hemp makes the fabric absorbent. Sometimes hemp fabric can be stiff, but the mix of bamboo and hemp results in a  soft & hypoallergenic fabric.
  6. This fabric composition makes it a perfect choice for kids wear, school uniform etc.
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It was almost perfect. It is going to do what I need just fine.
Lisa Andre
Lisa Andre
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I will order again. I love this store, the quality of materials are great and fast shipping.
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Awesome product, 100% Pure Handloom Hemp Fabric, made from Himalayan Hemp is raw and natural in color.

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