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Hemp/Cotton (52/48) 130 58" White
Hemp/Cotton (72/28) 195 58" RFD
Hemp/Bamboo (52/48) 140 58" RFD
Hemp/Banana (50/50) 135 58" White
Hemp/Tencel (45/55) 150 58" White
Hemp/Lyocell (70/30) 140 58" RFD
Fabric Type GSM Width Color
100% Handloom Hemp 400 30" Natural
100% Hemp 130 58" White
100% Hemp 145 58" Natural
100% Hemp 160 58" Natural
100% Hemp Canvas 330 58" RFD
100% Hemp Oxford Weave 185 58" White
100% Hemp 245 58" Natural
100% Hemp Twill 195 58" Natural
100% Hemp 115 58" White/RFD
100% Hemp Herringbone 190 58" White/RFD

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100% Pure Hemp Fabric

Now is the time for sustainable fabric as we are now more concerned about the environment and are looking for sustainable options for clothing. It’s high time we considered options that are sustainable for clothing. Hemp fabric is a one-stop solution for all these requirements and being a bulk hemp fabric wholesale supplier; we deliver the best quality fabric demands at the best industry price. 

It is not only sustainable, but it’s highly durable and has many beneficial properties. Hence, it’s the most suitable option to turn to for sustainability and for long-lasting clothing too. Hemp fabric’s favorable qualities have been known to all for thousands of years. 

hemp fabric
hemp fabric

Versatile & Sustainable

Hemp is versatile and can be combined with other fibers to create different kinds of unique, sustainable products. Hemp’s flexibility as a textile is stunning: hemp fibers could be woven independently or together along with other fibers to produce weaves from the rugged canvas into the most luscious, silkiest gauze within an infinite variety of colors and finishes.

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Why Hemp Fabric?

Hemp clothing has many beneficial properties, which makes it the most suitable clothing for all. It is hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and sustainable. It has the appearance and feel of timeless linen. Hemp fabric keeps warm in winter and provides coolness in summer, which makes it suitable for both seasons. It works well and is recommended for a humid climate because the fabric resists mildew and absorbs moisture. Hemp fabric is also UV resistant. Being a bulk Hemp Fabric wholesale supplier, we can fulfill your best quality hemp fabric demands at best in industry Fabric price.

Carbon Negative Farming: When we start looking at it from the production perspective, we will observe the increase of hemp is an inherently green practice. In accordance with an investigation from the Stockholm Environment Institute that the drinking water needed to produce 1kg of hemp is approximately 300 and 500 liters. We are able to compare that for the 10,000 liters required to produce precisely the same 1kg of cotton. Hemp is high-yielding and generates far more product on not as much land, minus the need for any compound pesticides. This, and that it refills dirt nutrients during growth, offers it the means to regenerate soil, a method called phytoremediation (i.e., cleaning the dirt and eliminating toxins). Also, its growth is fast, and it takes approximately only 120 days to develop fully.

Hemp Fabric Benefits

  • Hemp contains four times the effectiveness of cotton; yet, It won’t irritate once cleaned. Hemp keeps color better than every other fabric.
  • Hemp conserves water as it uses only 1/20th amount of water as compared to cotton production.
  • Hemp material isn’t thick, so it’s lightweight and watertight: In fact, it’s one of the many lightest fibers in the marketplace.
  • Hemp weighs up to one-third less than wool or cotton.
  • Hemp is soft to the skin, and it gets softer after each wash.
  • It is naturally anti-microbial: Hemp is immune to hazardous mildew and germs, so hemp garments won’t smell bad after use (much less washing implies less wastage of plain water at washing leading to novelty ).
  • Additionally, it’s good for those of us with sensitive skin.
  • Hemp safeguards your skin from filtering UV light and resists fungal growth, and also absorbs ingeniously, preventing scents.
  • It had been found that the hemp fabric clothes were 99.9percent effective at preventing UV rays, meaning it qualifies to be a premier grade UPF 50+ fabric.
  • Hemp fabric is excellent for all seasons.
  • It saves Jobs! Hemp is harvested and also processed by hand, maintaining individuals employed.
  • Hemp is an eco-friendly fabric choice. The whole plant can be used for making more than 25000 products.
  • While it is the stalks we need for fabric, the woody layer is fantastic for monster bedding, building intentions, along gas.

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