When we talk about fashion and sustainability, one name comes for sure and that is hemp fabric. It is a high-quality fabric used both in its pure and blended form. It is catching the eyes of fashion designers and people are also liking the texture and benefits of the fabric.

Pure Hemp Fabric
Hemp Fabrics

Hemp fabric is now in fashion or in better words, “Sustainable Fashion” as people are more conscious about its impact on the environment. Being one of the hemp fabric wholesale suppliers, we have affordable industry prices and also can supply the hemp fabric that you require. 

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hemp fabric
hemp fabric

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Why Hemp Fabric?

Hemp fabric has many beneficial properties, which makes it one of the most suitable fabric for all. It is hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and sustainable. It has the appearance and feel of linen. It keeps warm in winter and provides coolness in summer, which makes it suitable for both seasons. It works well and is recommended for a humid climate because the fabric resists mildew and absorbs moisture. These fabric is also UV resistant. Being a bulk Hemp Fabric supplier, we can fulfill your best quality  fabrics demands at the best industry Fabric price.

Organic Hemp Fabric Benefits

  • It contains four times the effectiveness of cotton. It keeps color better than every other fabric.
  • Hemp Plant conserves water as it uses only 1/20th amount of water as compared to cotton production.
  • It isn’t thick, so it’s lightweight and watertight: In fact, it is one of the many lightest fabrics in the marketplace.
  • It weighs up to one-third less than wool or cotton.
  • It is soft to the skin, and it gets softer after each wash.
  • It is naturally anti-microbial: Hemp Fabric is immune to hazardous mildew and germs, so hemp garments won’t smell bad after use.
  • It safeguards your skin from filtering UV light and resists fungal growth, and also absorbs ingeniously, preventing scents.
  • It has been found that the hemp clothes were more than 50% effective at preventing UV rays.
  • Organic Hemp Fabrics is an eco-friendly fabric choice. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp is more absorbent than cotton and can hold dye longer than any other fabric. This will keep your colors from fading faster than Tide. Hemp’s porous texture allows for air circulation, keeping it cool during the summer. Similar to wool and bamboo, hemp is also more comfortable in cooler weather.

Hemp is eight-time stronger than the flax linen when you consider durability. As we have already mentioned, hemp can produce 600% greater fiber than flax with the same amount of land. Additionally, hemp does not deplete the soil like flax. This makes hemp a more sustainable option.

Hemp, as a plant, is better suited to the wild and requires less water. It also doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides. Cotton, however, requires more fertilizers, pesticides, and water than hemp. Hemp is also fast-growing and requires very little nutrition. Hemp does not strip the soil from its essential nutrients so it is possible to re-cultivate the same soil. Hemp produces a higher yield per acre than its counterpart, cotton. Hemp produces 1500lbs of fiber per acre, while cotton only produces 500lbs.

Athletic wear has many benefits, and hemp is, without a doubt, a great option. It is superior to polyester outfits. For sportswear and other high-performance garments, naturally produced hemp fabric has been used in increasing numbers. While synthetic sportswear can help with sweating, they are not very good for your body. Hemp does not have this problem.

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