Hemp Paper is your contribution to make our Planet Greener.

Hemp Paper is an important alternative to conventional papers, which are mostly produced by cutting trees. To make normal paper, we have to cut trees which are decades old, use harmful chemicals and waste lots of water. It is, without a doubt, a solution for all these issues, and being a bulk hemp paper wholesale supplier; we deliver the best quality paper demands at the best industry price.

Hemp presents to us a smart, renewable, and sustainable source to make papers. The first paper on our planet was made from Hemp. Hemp is very suitable for paper as it has higher cellulose. White Hemp Paper had been used for a long time. During the 1900s, Hemp was banned throughout the almost entire world. In 2018 US farm Bill legalized the cultivation of Hemp, and now the same is being followed all across the United States and many other countries.

Hemp Paper
Hemp Paper

Hemp Paper

There is quite a lot of history and amazing facts attached to Hemp Papers as it is considered to be the world’s first paper. Its made from Hemp stalks, which is very suitable to make paper. Currently, only Natural handmade Hemp papers are being made from Hemp. To make Hemp papers, we do not have to cut any trees, we need not use any hazardous chemicals, and lots of water is saved in the process. Currently, the technology to mass-produce papers from Industrial Hemp is under development. Hemp cultivation is getting popular across the world. In India, Industrial Hemp farming is getting very popular in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

We all need papers for various reasons, but it also costs millions of trees in order to produce papers, destroying the environment directly. It’s high time we switch to a better option for producing papers that is environmentally friendly and can help in saving millions of trees

Some Of Popular Hemp Paper

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Pure Hemp Handmade Paper-200 GSM (White)
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Pure Hemp Handmade Paper-300 GSM (White)
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Pure Hemp Handmade Paper-400 GSM (White)
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Handmade Hemp Paper - 100 GSM

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We are handmade Hemp Paper suppliers and we export all across the globe. Our handmade papers are made by professionals artisans in India

Why Hemp Paper?

Being one of the leading hemp paper suppliers, we make sure that our Handmade Paper is of the finest quality and made from industrial Hemp Stalks. We have ditched the traditional and most common way of making paper that is from wood pulp, thus directly saving a humongous amount of trees. Our paper is organic, sustainable, anti-bacterial, and, most importantly, tree-free. It is made from raw, high-quality hemp fibers.

We use raw materials that are carbon-negative, and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Our main concern behind this effort is to make the world a better place to live. We have hemp papers available in 100200300 400 GSM. It can be used for multiple purposes such as writing, painting, sketching, product fabrication, etc.

A few benefits are:-

· Sustainable

· Recyclable

· Finest quality, Smooth and Rich in texture

· Biodegradable

· Bright and White Raw Surface

· Extremely durable

· Organic and Eco-friendly

· Pure and Chemical free

· Better pri

Sustainable option for our Paper needs

  • Hemp is one of the best options for making environment-friendly paper, and India has the most suitable environment to grow Industrial Hemp;
  • it gives us our most sustainable option for making paper.
  • It is made from hemp plants.
  • It rules out the option of cutting millions of trees for making paper, thus making the planet greener and sustainable.
  • Anything made from Hemp is organic and completely natural.
  • Since every part of the hemp plant can be used, so there’s virtually no waste.
  • Thus, making it organic and environment-friendly.
  • Planet Green Online brings to you the finest quality hemp papers at the best in industry wholesale rates.

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