Kids-Friendly Bamboo Products for your Sustainable home

Kids-Friendly Bamboo Products for your Sustainable home

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable items when compared to plastic and paper made from wood pulp because it’s fast-growing, organic, renewable and absorbs large amounts of CO2, and produces more oxygen than other plants comparatively. Check out some Kids-Friendly Bamboo Products you need to buy for your kids. Bamboo products have been able to enter the mainstream market over the past few years. In some places like the Northeastern part of the country, bamboo has always been used for various purposes.

Bamboo is used for storage, as fuel, for food, for cooking, etc., and has incredible properties. Bamboos are organic and easily available in nature and after using bamboo products they can simply be composted and that is easily biodegradable. All it takes is a couple of years, however, fabrics may take a little longer compared to the rest of the products. 

Few facts about Bamboo 

Bamboo is a naturally growing forest. These forests are valuable to our environment. They have incredible properties; they lower carbon levels, they produce oxygen, control soil erosion, it is a provider plant, provides organic materials, contributes to conserving biodiversity, can be used for fuel, construction purpose, fencing, fabrics and many more if explored further. Bamboo has for ages been an integrated part of our civilization.

Another practical benefit of bamboo is its economic sustainability hence bamboo has become an excellent resource. Bamboo is a versatile, fast-growing, and renewable plant that is considered as an alternative to timber from the forest in many places.

Is Bamboo Eco-Friendly?

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly plants in our ecosystem. It is an extremely sustainable option due to its natural incredible properties. Bamboo can actually stand out when compared to other materials. Some of its incredible properties if turned into fabric and otherwise are:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Naturally grown
  • No pesticides 
  • Non-toxic
  • Odor resistant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Hardwearing
  • Produces 35% more oxygen than similar plants
  • 100 per cent biodegradable
  • Regrows to its adult plant size in 3 to 5 years
  • Helps rebuild eroded soil
  • Requires far less water than similar plants (e.g., cotton)
Bamboo Plant

It is very important to teach our younger ones about the importance of sustainability. If we train them from the beginning they would grasp it all. And as the saying goes “example is better than command” it is important that we not only tell them verbally but indulge them in sustainable habits. 

Kids-Friendly Bamboo Products

To start with we can train them from the first thing we do in the morning is –brush our teeth. A bamboo Toothbrush could be one of the best things to have in a household where we have children. One of the most essential items in any household is a bed. If we have the options we should choose a sustainable option to benefit everyone.

Bamboo Beds are another thing that our children would learn from us to use and if that choice is a sustainable one it would benefit both us and our future generation to live a sustainable life as well learn from it.

Bamboo beds are eco-friendly, durable, fresh, unique, and above all sustainable & Kids-Friendly Bamboo Products. Bamboo Cutlery Sets were not that common a decade but they have been able to make a mark in the market in the present situation. Bamboo vessels are eco-friendly alongside being long-lasting, and more durable than wooden and plastic ones. 

Bamboo is an incredible plant, all-natural plus heat, stain, and water-resistant. Bamboo products do not absorb odors keeping them fresh all throughout and are very easy to clean.

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