Tropical Safari Pure Hemp Handmade Cushion Cover


Defined by an embellished design, this cushion cover instantly uplifts the overall look of your home by complementing your living room furniture and upholstery. The cover features a square shape that imparts a symmetric silhouette to the entire look. Tropical Safri Pure Hemp Handmade Cushion Cover are made by our women entrepreneurs of the Himalayan region using 100% pure hemp fabrics. The lacey design is absolutely handmade with care and attention to each detail to give the cushion cover a fine touch. The color combination of the cushion cover with the minimalistic design could add elegance to the living room decor while contributing towards a sustainable environment. Tropical Safri Pure Hemp Handmade Cushion Cover are both fashionable and functional, and perfect for sprucing up your living room aesthetic.

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COLOR: Natural Color Fabric and Jute Lace.

SIZE : Cushion Length =40.64 x 40.64 cm



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Hemp Fibre

Why choose us?

  1. Natural Handmade Cushion Covers. 100% Eco-Friendly.

  2. Material Used – 100% Pure Hemp Fabric from Uttarakhand, India. Handmade by local artisans in a facility that exports to global markets.

  3. Heat Resistant – Premium quality hemp is used, making it sturdy as well as resistant to heat to a great extent.

  4. Absolute handmade product that enhances the look of your living room.

  5. No deforestation done while making these products.

  6. Reduces carbon footprints.

  7. Handmade hence electricity is saved.

  8. No animals were hurt.

  9. We contribute to the nature as our products are eco-friendly.

  10. Sustainable and durable.

  11. Organic and pure.

  12. 100% recyclable.

About this item

  1. High Quality Pure Hemp Yarn add exceptional elegance to the home decor and also increase durability of product.

  2. These cushion cover adds elegance to your living room décor with vibrancy.

  3. These cushion covers are Easy to Wash and Clean.

  4. Perfect for daily use, good match with single couch, cane wood chair, dark wood sofa, wooden sofa or any colorful couch.

  5. Washing Instruction: Machine washable, (hand wash recommended), separately from other articles, gentle circle in low. No bleach.


Planet Green products are all handmade, and as is generally true with handicrafts there are slight differences between each piece. Variation is to be expected as well as respected as a mark of assurance that what you buy comes from the hands of real people. The fringe ends of our hemp cushion cover are hand knotted to prevent raveling. The 100% pure hemp yarn used in our products is grown on local farms in the Himalayan region from improved hemp fiber varieties using low environmental impact techniques, and the fiber is processed in a modern long-fiber textile mill.

Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 40.64 × 40.64 cm

4 reviews for Tropical Safari Pure Hemp Handmade Cushion Cover

  1. Nick smith

    Amazing quality of Hemp Cushion cover.
    I have bought 1 with hesitation but after using it I have ordered 2 more from Planetgreen.

  2. Kishan

    Wonderful quality and just perfect for my room. Shipped very quickly!

  3. Kishan

    Nice Product

  4. Kishan

    Beautiful pattern and well-made! Thank you!!!

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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q1. What is the fabric material?

    Ans. It is made from pure hemp fabric of 140 GSM.

    Q2. Will the color fade after wash?

    Ans. No, the color will not fade after several washes.

    Q3. Is the color of the cushion cover is white or off white?

    Ans. The color is white as shown in the picture.