Hemp Fibre

Hemp promises to be the magical crop that can satiate the human needs for clothing, nutrition, packaging, and even housing; without hurting the sustenance of our planet. Hemp fabric is a sustainable textile made of fibers of a very high-yielding crop in the cannabis Sativa plant family. Historically used for industrial purposes, like rope and sails, hemp is known as one of the most versatile and durable natural fibers. Hemp fabric is deliciously soft on the skin and is known for growing softer with each wear. Hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria and provides natural UV protection. That means it protects your skin and retains color better than other fabrics. As you can see, hemp fabric is quite practical. It literally prevents you from getting stinky, gets softer with more use, and is stronger and longer-lasting than cotton.

hemp face cover

While hemp is harvested and processed similarly to other fabrics, its main advantage is through the hemp plant itself.

Hemp uses about 5% the amount of water it takes to grow cotton and can often be rain-fed. Hemp can grow in almost all soil conditions, and unlike cotton (which depletes the soil of nutrients) hemp’s deep-reaching roots preserve the topsoil and subsoil. Hemp grows densely as well, leaving no room for weeds and competing plants and is less vulnerable to insects, which means little to no use of pesticides. Lastly, hemp grows extremely fast, only needing 120-days to be ready for harvest.

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Hemp is an annual herbaceous plant of the species cannabis sativa, meaning ‘useful hemp’. It is a high yield commercial fibre crop which flourishes in areas with temperate climates, such as Canada. It can be grown on a range of soils, but tends to grow best on land that would produce a high yield of corn. The soil must be well drained, rich in nitrogen, and non-acidic. Hemp requires limited pesticides as it grows quickly, attracting few pests. Hemp grows successfully at a density of up to 150 plants per square meter, and reaches a height of two to five meters in a three month growing season.

Planet Green Online

Our brand is working on the agenda of promoting the usage of hemp products to lead a sustainable lifestyle and also contributing towards bringing a social change by generating a source of income for skilled rural women. We hope this will help reverse social migration and have a positive impact on the environment. Considering industrial hemp is a multi-beneficial crop and all the parts of the crop come with a utility. It has 30,000 products in the world market currently being sold. A friendly approach towards hemp and its products will impact the lives of small scale producers immensely. The womenfolk we are currently engaging with our initiative belong to the marginalized section of the society. These women are fine artisans but without a platform. Even if they skilled at weaving and making fine crafts they have no access to the mass market and are clueless about where they can showcase the products and get compensated for their hard work. Moreover, 2020 has seen the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic which has halted the global economic progress while mostly affecting the rural class by forcing them to leave the cities having no way of sustaining themselves. Planet Green started with an idea for producing face masks by rural women affected by the pandemic who had no source of livelihood. These masks were made out of 100% Hemp due to the medicinal and anti-bacterial nature of the fabric to combat the spread of the pandemic and at present our range has expanded to produce specially hand-crafted luxurious and premium bed-spreads, cushion covers, table covers, dining sets and wall décor and very soon to be launched 100% Hemp Clothing for men, women and children.