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Nowadays everyone wants their accessories and bags to be handmade. We all are more attracted to things that are sustainable, handmade, and eco-friendly. At Planet Green Online, you can find one-of-a-kind handmade bags and accessories made from sustainable raw materials such as hemp. Here you are going to find every unique piece on the portal.

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Our rural women artisan puts a lot of mind, soul and hard work to create one simple piece of bag or accessory, encouraging their creativity gives them confidence. 

If you want to help out these rural women artisans from our own country, you should definitely choose from our varied range of bags and accessories. With a lot of options and choices to match your attire as well as your ideas, you are in for a wholesome experience.

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We have the finest quality, best in class Hemp Fabrics. We are exporting all across the globe.​​

Why Hemp Accessories?

At Planet Green Online, our focus is to make products that are unique in design and are sustainable. We are anticipating seeing a rise in demand for more handmade and sustainable products over time. Our primary raw material for making these products are hemp. As we all know that hemp is a plant that requires low maintenance and more than 25000 types of products can be made from it. 

Products made from it are good for the environment hence, making it trendy nowadays amongst the new generation. When you will carry a bag made from hemp, you will be setting up a good example for others. There are many other reasons to buy handmade products. The products are made with extreme care and the work is very fine. They last longer than most of the other products and are good for mother earth.

Since all the products are given a lot of time and effort, there are no mistakes in the final results. The colors and other ornaments used to make the bags and accessories are sober and give an elegant look. It will also give a unique vintage outlook while keeping all your belongings intact and organized. Our Hemp products are sturdy, thick, and extremely durable.

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For Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Most probably you are wondering that what is so special about these Handmade Hemp Bags and Accessories. To answer your question, when you shop with us, you can rest assured that you are supporting rural women artisans. As our bags and accessories are made from hemp fabric, they are also sustainable and friendly for the environment, making them special. With a big corporation, you don’t know where your money is going, but when you want real handmade bags and accessories, Planet Green Online is the perfect place for you. 

There are real faces behind these Handmade Hemp Bags and Accessories which need the money to support their day-to-day life. Besides this, there is no heavy machinery involved or products are not mass-produced. These can be customized too. Hence, purchasing one of these bags and accessories means that you won’t cross by a person carrying the same bag or accessories as you. Isn’t that awesome? 

On our website, you will be able to buy handmade bags and accessories online from different parts of the world. Everyone wears fancy brands day in and out, but not many are supportive of artists and cares for the environment. Be a trendsetter amongst your peer and spread awareness for the same. 

They are made from 100% pure Himalayan handloom hemp making it natural, sustainable, and organic. They are extremely versatile when it comes to style. You can carry it on a casual day, pair it with jeans, a dress, a pantsuit, or just your regular shirt with jeans attire. Sustainable, durable, and beautiful!

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