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Planet Green was started as a response to the large-scale reverse migration that was happening in the Covid-19 pandemic. Planet green products are sustainable products. A group of entrepreneurs came together and planned a way to provide livelihoods to the thousands of women who were returning back home to rural areas from heartless cities. Planet Green is dedicated to the upliftment of women, skilled artisans, and the immense rural heritage of Indian weavers from the states of Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. 

Our associates include women’s groups and artisans with innovative and professional artisan skills and responsibility towards environmentally sustainable products handmade with care from Hemp, Bamboo, Jute, natural fiber, and cotton. Sustainable and natural raw materials are the foundation of our initiative. Our endeavor is to design, develop and promote innovative products using sustainable and pure raw materials like Hemp, Bamboo, Banana, Jute, etc.

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Our Core Team

The core team behind Planet Green has decades of experience in the social development sector, which includes working on issues like women empowerment, Children’s education, environment, and climate change, etc. The idea was to use the skills and experience gained in economically empowering women at the bottom of the pyramid whilst promoting environmental protection by using sustainable, handcrafted products online and natural raw materials. Planet Green aims to provide global market linkages to these women groups and create new entrepreneurs in rural areas.

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Planet Green Products

Planet Green products are sustainable products, 100% handcrafted so that every product embraces human potential and gives the consumer a feeling of joy and pride. While most of our products are made from legally sourced 100% natural and organic Hemp fabric, the process of empowerment begins with educating the womenfolk about the miracle plant and providing them detailed information on the value of the sustainable products that they produce. No two handmade items are exactly alike. Variations in color, shading, texture, shape, and grain are inherent in a handmade item making each piece unique.

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Empowering women through Planet Green

Rural Women are mostly engaged in household and farming activities. They have the potential to contribute to the rural economy. However, traditional beliefs on the role of women make them vulnerable and push them to poverty with very little social security. These practices cost not only women in terms of the missed opportunities and income but also their entire households. We want to break the gender stereotypes existing in our society and enhance the social standing of these homepreneurs.

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During the Pandemic

The pandemic had a different story to narrate. With the chaotic situation all around, menfolk had no jobs and no income. It was the women empowerment that then played the role of the breadwinner of the family and becoming heroes. Women not only earned for her family by our initiative but also managed her household chores. With Planet Green’s platform and support, we could contribute to the welfare of the families of these women at large women empowerment. Financial independence plays a very important role. With the work provided by us, these 100 women could sense the taste of independence! We gave women the platform as well as the freedom to work from their space as per their schedule.

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women empowerment

“We don’t need to go anywhere to get our work done. We all meet at my yard and work and enjoy. This is one of the best parts of working for Planet Green. We can take care of the household chores and earn.” – Pushpa Bailwal

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“When this pandemic came into existence, I was broken as my husband came back home, and the little savings we had were all finished. Planet Green has not only given me a life back but also helped me realize my worth. I feel confident and independent. My husband and mother-in-law are proud of me.” Dawa Yangla

1.Coming together is a beginning;
2.Keeping together is Progress;
3.Working together is Success.