Why Hemp Products Are The New Trend? or Six Most Popular Hemp Products

Why Hemp Products Are The New Trend? or Six Most Popular Hemp Products

In the ancient India, Hemp was very common plant that Indians used to grow in rural areas of the country. With time, due to some restrictions on the production of Hemp, it lost its glory and was replaced with many other synthetic fibers such as polyester and georgette for clothing products. Decades of ban on Hemp made this sustainable material unknown to the population. This said, are you all aware about how many kinds of products can be made using Hemp as raw material? Do you also think like many others that Hemp can be only used for intoxication purpose?

While Hemp is used for such purposes, it also is used to make more than 25000 products which are sustainable, organic, natural and extremely beneficial for health. All these products are free from any intoxicating substances and are 100% safe to use.

With the lifting of restrictions on the production of industrial hemp, it has come into limelight recently in last one to two years. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have taken the interest to use hemp for producing different products. These products include Hemp Protein Powder, Seed oil, Textiles and Fabric, Hemp Rope, Medicines etc.

Today, if you will visit any nearby stores which is for organic and sustainable products or if you will simply search on internet for such types of products, Hemp will be the first result. It proves its popularity among the new generation as they are well aware about sustainability. Products made from Hemp are extremely popular now a days and it’s the new trend.

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As hemp is extremely versatile, it has vast variety to offer for products. Many start-ups and entrepreneurs are offering different hemp products which is available to purchase online or by visiting their stores. The reason behind this popularity is that it is sustainable, made from 100% Pure Hemp hence organic and natural. Not only this, it’s also beneficial for our environment as it can work as a substitute raw material for many other products. Some of the hemp products are very popular, especially the products that are made from 100% pure hemp are trendy now a days.

Here is the list of some hemp products that are pretty awesome and we recommend them to try it once. While using these products you will be ensured that they are not only good for you but are also benefiting the environment.

hemp fabric
  1. Hemp Seeds and Seed Oil

Hemp seeds are one of the most popular substance of hemp as it has many beneficial qualities. It is extremely nutritious and is counted as super food. It is easy to digest by the body and it helps with immune system too. It is extremely rich in protein and from a vegetarian source too. It can also fulfil one’s dietary needs alone. It’s great source for Vitamin A & E.

  1. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder is one of the most popular product of Hemp and it’s a vegetarian source among young sports persons and athletes. It’s the highest vegan source of protein available in the market. It’s very much beneficial for those who face difficulties in digesting milk or milk made products as it fulfills your protein intake.

  1. Hemp Clothing & Accessories

Hemp fabric is eco-friendly & sustainable, it is the most durable fabric and has anti-allergic qualities. It requires less water to grow and doesn’t need any pesticides. Many clothing products such as Shirts, Kurtas, and Dresses etc. can be made using hemp fabric and it will last longer than any other fabric.

  1. Hemp Bags

Bags, Purse, Tote Bags and Backpacks made from Hemp are extremely trendy and fashionable. Not only they are in trends but they are hard to tear making it durable. It can be carried out with almost any dresses and like other products it is sustainable. So, once you buy a hemp bag, you can rest assured that you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon.

  1. Hemp Masks

Hemp Mask has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties making it a perfect material for protective face masks with breathable fabric. Hemp fabric is odor resistant. 

  1. Home Furnishing and Kitchen Dining ware Products

Now a days, curtains, rugs, cushion covers made from hemp are the new choice for modern living room. They add elegant look to your living and dining room. Placemats, coasters and wall hangings made from hemp are not only sustainable but also enhances the look of your home décor.

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