Choose Hemp for humanity

Choose Hemp for humanity

Choose Hemp for humanity

Mother earth has been giving us everything. From the oxygen, we need to breathe to the food we need to survive. She’s been nurturing us with everything she has. But are we valuing her love? Probably not! We have only been taking from her and not responding to her with the same love and affection she has for us. We have been torturing her with our acts like deforestation, construction, blocking the water bodies for our own benefit, and whatnot.

We have become so selfish with the passage of time that we hardly have time to think for our mother earth and act wisely. Pollution is another thing we are poisoning her with but we barely realize. However, it’s not too late to realize. We still can help her by giving back her life and greenery if we think and act wisely. Now it’s for us to give back all that she deserves. That’s in our hands! All we need to do is choose sustainable products in our day-to-day lives. Can’t we do it? We can, Right?! All we need to do is choose organic and eco-friendly products. That will not only help our mother earth but help us too. Sustainability is the need of the hour. What we do today shall leave footprints tomorrow. If we keep misusing natural resources, we are creating a horrific life for our own future generations to come.

The hemp plant is one of the oldest cultivated crops and dates back more than 9000 years. It’s a variation of the cannabis family that is grown and reaped for its seeds and stalks. Hemp is an incredible and versatile crop and can be used to produce hundreds of products, from food to paper to home décor to fashion and much more. Hemp requires very little water and no fertilizers and pesticides. It’s a natural chemical-free crop that grows well in the climate of India and Europe. It supports biodiversity, reduces carbon footprints, and acts as a sustainable product.

Hemp fiber or industrial hemp is acquired from the outer layer or the bast of the Cannabis sativa plant, which is more popular for producing marijuana. While marijuana contains 20 percent tetrahydrocannabinol content (THC) which causes the high when smoked, industrial hemp only contains 1 percent of THC. This fiber has some magical properties: it is a good conductor of heat, dyes well, protects skin from ultraviolet light (that causes skin cancer), and has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergic properties

How Can Sustainable Living Stop Climate Change?

Sustainable living is choosing products that don’t harm our plants or are harmful to us. We have been using synthetic fibers, chemical-infused products for a very long time now. We have been focusing more on easily available products in the market without thinking if that is safe for us as well as our environment. Choosing sustainable products like organic fibers, organic products would not only save our planet but also save money and won’t be harsh to both our mother earth and pockets!

Why Is Sustainable Living Important?

Hemp uses about 5% the amount of water than any other fiber plant. Hemp can be grown in almost all soil conditions, and unlike cotton (which diminishes the nutrients of the soil) hemp’s deep-reaching roots preserve the soil. Hemp grows thickly leaving no room for weeds which means little or no use of pesticides. Additionally, hemp grows extremely fast, only needing 120-days to be ready for harvest.


Climate change has become a severe problem at present times. A lot of damage has already been done. But it’s high time we realize the destruction and act wisely. It’s important right now than ever for us to do our part to reduce the carbon footprints that are creating a horrendous impact in our planet. If more and more of us try and live a sustainable life, then we could collectively create major positive changes for our green planet. Pollution could be reduced considerably. It’s all in our hands! This is important as reportedly 9% of all global deaths are caused due to pollution.  When we live a more sustainable day-to-day life, it is better for the environment because it can control the amount of greenhouse gas that is released into the air from our homes and acts that we perform. So, the more we live a sustainable life, the better it will be for the environment and our green planet!

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