How Hemp Fabric is Made and its benefits.

How Hemp Fabric is Made and its benefits.

Will you believe us if we tell you that there is a shirt that’s extremely durable and will last longer and is sustainable? You won’t believe it, right? But trust us, because there is hemp fabric and it has so much to offer us. Through this blog, we will get to know how hemp fabric is made and its benefits to knowing. Keep reading to find answers to all of your questions.

Hemp Fabric can play an essential role in making the environment sustainable. You must be curious that how can a fabric have such importance for a sustainable environment? Isn’t using fewer plastics and gases are important? Well, yes they are important but as we said hemp fabric, hemp plant, and all the products made from hemp contribute to the sustainable environment to a great extent.

How hemp fabric is made.

The contribution of hemp fabric to the sustainable environment starts with the very beginning of its cultivation. Let’s begin with how hemp fabric is made to understand how it is beneficial to the environment and for us too. We don’t pay much attention to the production of our everyday clothes. We just buy the most likable cloth and wear it without thinking that if it harms the environment or is it sustainable.

But today we will take a quick dive into the making of hemp fabric from its cultivation to the final process. The processes for making fabric are: Cultivate hemp, break down the stalks, detached the fibers, and then spin into a textile.

  • Cultivation & Harvesting:

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants along with bamboo and it only takes about 4 months to grow fully. It grows four times more fiber than cotton or flax. Cultivation and harvesting of hemp don’t require pesticides or any chemicals. Additionally, it can be used to make a variety of industrial and commercial products. Hang on! It has more to offer. 

Hemp requires only about 4% – 5% water to grow compared to cotton, hence, ever so often it can grow with rainwater. It can also help soil rejuvenate. So, in comparison to cotton, hemp is a win-win situation for all. When the hemp grows fully and harvested it’s ready to be made in as many products as one can think for. For the fabric, hemp stalks are required, so before going to the next process, separating hemp stalks is essentials.

  • Soaking in Water & Breaking

The next process is to soak hemp stalks into the water for overnight to get hemp fibers. Beating the stalks separates the hemp fibers from the hemp’s stalks which is the most crucial process of making fabric from the hemp plant. Once the beating is done the next process is combing the fiber/stalks to remove unwanted particles and separate the fibers.

  • Spinning 

It is a technique to twist the drawn-out threads of fibers to make a yarn. It is then coiled onto a bobbin or tube. It is then made into fabric. Spinning can be done wet and dry. These processes of making fabric out of hemp are labor-intensive. Today, there are two methods available to produce products from hemp. One is traditional and the other one is mechanical. Most of the manufacturers are into traditional methods only as it is sustainable, eco-friendly and can provide employment opportunities to the local villagers. They are done in an efficient manner and with the use of more modern techniques and equipment.  

Benefits of hemp fabric

Hemp fabric is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. With each wash, hemp gets softer without degrading the quality. And if that is not enough then it is also a heat insulator which means it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s soft on the skin and protects from UV rays. Not just that, it is also durable and lasts longer than cotton. It absorbs sweat and doesn’t smell foul.

Hemp Fabric Benefits

Now, Hemp fabric is not just sustainable and eco-friendly but it’s extremely popular and trendy too. In the fashion world, hemp is the new trend and there are many manufacturers and start-ups that are making stylish and appealing hemp clothes. Many companies are producing hemp clothing that is awesome and you can even spend a hundred bucks to own them. Hemp fabric comes in different weight, weave and can be naturally dyed in different light shades.

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Where to Purchase?

Now, when you are aware of the benefits and process of making hemp fabric, you surely want to try out hemp clothing, right? Though there are many start-ups where you can find hemp fabric and clothing there aren’t many sources where you can purchase high-quality hemp fabric and clothing. Here, at Planet Green Online we offer a varied range of hemp fabrics that are of high quality. Check out our Hemp Fabric subsection under the Shop section at our website to check out the fabric option we offer. 

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