Top 7 benefits of having hemp apparel in wardrobe

Top 7 benefits of having hemp apparel in wardrobe

Hemp is a highly sustainable and one of the strongest natural fibers in the world belonging to the Cannabis Saliva family and is recognizable for its skinny leaves that are concentrated near the top of the plant. It is a versatile plant with thousands of applications, ranging from clothing and skincare products to dietary supplements. For this reason, it can only be cultivated for industrial purposes like foodshelter, and hemp clothing.

Good Qualities of Hemp fiber:

Hemp may be known for its durability, but its comfort and style are second to none. The more hemp is used, the softer it gets. In addition, hemp fabrics kill bacteria, making them naturally anti-microbial and odor-resistant. But that is not all – clothes made from hemp fibers are thermo-regulating, which means they keep the wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What do we get from Hemp fabric?

The cellulose fiber from hemp is used to make many products, including T-shirts, Bedsheets, jeans, dresses, hats, bags, ropes and canvas, skincare products, building materials, paper, and many food products.

Hemp apparel

Clothes are one of our basic needs. What we wear and which type of material it would depend on person’s choices but now the rate at which different type of pollution is increasing we should care our environment by choosing the sustainable product. 

Why we select Hemp apparel?

 If we prefer to wear natural fibers than synthetic ones, it would be a good start for all to free from many bacterial and fungus diseases because natural fiber is made of hemp silk contain more resistance to bacteria growth. There are many types of hemp apparel are available: Hemp T-shirt, Hemp kids lab coat, White Regular Fit Hemp Shirt, etc.

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7 Key benefits of hemp clothing:

  1. Carbon Warrior: An increase in carbon dioxide in the environment is not good for planet earth. Hemp apparel which helps the process of carbon dioxide absorption from the atmosphere at a faster rate as compared to other material. It will be good if we choose to wear in different lab testing and thermochemical industries. 
  2. Strongest Natural Fiber: People basically wear expensive clothes of nylon, cotton…etc. but hemp fiber is the strongest natural fiber that holds the fabric tight and tough. It does not tear easily. It needs to be used in the different fields of Sportsjugging and Yoga exercises, etc.
  3. Soften with time: The apparel made from hemp fabric is very comfortable and cool. If we wash it regularly, it gets softer. Everybody can use it in our day-to-day life. So it is skin-freely material
  4. Protects from Ultraviolet light: We all know about UV light which is present in Sun’s light has very harmful electromagnetic radiation through which we suffer many skin diseases, premature aging, reduces our immune system, etc. So to keep well from UV light, it is better to choose sustainable hemp material which has high resistance to protect.
  5. Breathe Well: Every system in our body relies on Oxygen. Now in this Covid-19 times, lots of people are dead due to lack of Oxygen. It can not only provide us with a great sense of mental clarity but also helps in physical fitness. So another great quality of hemp is its excellent breathable properties. It lets our skin breathe freely at the same time. The porous structure of fabric makes the top choice of hemp breathe well.
  6. Odor Resistant and anti-microbial: Clothing made from Hemp will be more likely to maintain a fresh smell and feeling for a longer time. This fabric can fight the growth and spread of bacteria. Benefits of hemp clothing include making hospital bedding and scientific apparel in hemp for anti-allergic. 
  7. Recyclable and Biodegradable: Hemp is stronger than other material, therefore, last longer. Once we have finished the material, it will take fewer times to biodegrade whereas other materials like polyester, nylon…etc. take a long time to decompose in the soil.  

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