Women empowerment | Empowering those who motivate us

Women empowerment | Empowering those who motivate us

Women empowerment is the new burning issue in the present scenario. We have news, articles, debates, and discussions in abundance on violence, gender discrimination, inequalities, etc., etc., etc. A lot can be done to empower women and many researchers, individuals and organizations are working on this field already. For instance, people create awareness, educate them or provide them platforms where they can voice out their issues and problems. But is it correct to the only talk of women and the inequalities that they face? Certainly not!

Financial independence plays a significant role in this. If we aim to empower women, we need to provide them livelihood opportunities. This doesn’t discard her chance of being prone to violence but would certainly give her the ability and power to face and fight this social evil. As per the traditions of society, women are best when confined within the private sphere. Even if they have progressive family members, it is difficult for them to leave the house, leave the elderly and children in the house as well as balance the household chores and go to a workplace to work for their living. So the situation and the circumstance of the womenfolk are quite tricky.

As per research, Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) has a lot to do when it comes to gender equality. As a result, India has observed several schemes and progressive legislation- both at the central and state levels-that aim to empower women and increase their participation in the economic front. Many Non-Profit organizations are also working for women’s empowerment in collaboration with the government or through CSR projects. There are various start-ups working for the empowerment of women by providing them employment and livelihood opportunities. There is a dire need for intervention to reach out to women that are at distance from receiving any sort of support and exposure from government bodies.

Women need and deserve platforms that are willing to recognize their efforts and provide them with the requisite platform.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone in the world. It has shattered the lives of millions of people worldwide. In India 5 out of 10 people have experienced their first-ever recession which they probably could never think of or even imagined. It will be difficult to point out which category suffered more than the other as men, women, children everyone had to face the fatal consequence of this deadly virus. However, it can be said that women have suffered a little more as they are the nurturers and a nurturer suffers more when things around her are in distress and she can’t help.

Planet Green Online

With the agenda of impacting women across geographies, we undertook this exercise of reaching out to women and listening to their stories that helped us to understand grass root problems better, what the need and aspirations of these women were and so, map out a course of action that is backed by qualitative and quantitative data. What about something that not only empowers women but also contributes to mother earth? A solution through which we can contribute to both the nurturers. Doesn’t it sound exciting? It certainly does, right? So we came up with this unique idea.

The pandemic has shown us the importance of sustainable livelihood opportunities, sustainable work, sustainable living, and sustainable materials. Home-based work for women is something that isn’t often heard of. This is the very reason for us to have started this venture. We not only provide them flexible work timing but also build a market linkage. This triggers the motivation among those 100s of women residing in the rural villages of Delhi, U.P, and Uttarakhand. As they can sit at home, work as per their convenience, and earn. Because of this approach, our module has become one of the epitomes of women’s empowerment ventures.

We have started this social venture and our plan is to link over 100 craft-based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment, and preserving India’s traditional handicrafts in the process. We are making state-of-the-art products from natural, environment-friendly, and sustainable fabrics like Bamboo, Hemp, Nettle, Organic Cotton, etc.

Planet Green Online

We want to encourage the artwork, craftsmanship, talent of rural Indian women. Planet Green works with women who are artisans, entrepreneurs, weavers, and designers. We have a unique approach to rural social entrepreneurship. We offer a comprehensive collection of gorgeous products such Hemp Paper, Kitchen and Dining ware, Home furnishing, Hemp Bags, etc. which are absolutely natural, organic, craft based, contemporary, and pocket-friendly. Global warming is another severe problem that is going to cost us our lives in the coming times. Every part of nature is getting polluted and more so because we; the people aren’t being kind to our mother earth. The earth has only seen destructions in the name of modernity and development.

Planet Green is an online platform to promote various innovative products made from sustainable, natural, and environmentally friendly fabrics. It is a place for products that are handmade by using traditional techniques. Sustainability is the need of the hour. Whenever and wherever possible we must opt for things that are organic, pure, natural, and sustainable. One step by one person can make a huge difference and this is the right time to take that step. 100% Pure Hemp promises to be the magical crop that can satiate human’s need for clothing, nutrition, packaging, and even housing; without hurting the sustenance of our planet. Eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials like hemp, bamboo, jute, organic cotton are the fabrics that we use for all our products.

Planet Green-Where fashion meets nature!

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