Hemp Plants in your living room!

Hemp Plants in your living room!

We all always want the best for us. This isn’t wrong. Why? Because that’s the basic human tendency to know and have the best for ourselves. In this concrete world, nature is getting extinct. And only when things are gone we long for them. All these while we have only been taking nature for granted. We started opting for fiber flower tubs in place of the clay ones, we were more into artificial plants than the real ones.

Even artificial grasses rule the market and continue to do so even now. But somewhere people have started becoming sensitive in these issues and a lot of them have switched to a life that is organic. People have again started making gardens in their tiny balconies or the very few spaces available in their homes. Kitchen gardens are coming into the scenario even among those living in tiny apartments. This is proof that people have started feeling the significance and need of nature right now. The rising pollution and the grey sky have made people realize that they are ending up everything and their future generations are the ones that would suffer the most. 

A home isn’t only the four walls and a place of shelter for individuals. It’s much more than that. It’s our nest that we build with a lot of effort and love. And the décor of the home is equally important. We are all social beings. We need to socialize to survive and we should. We are a part of society. We are the society. And the décor of our ones to quite an extent describe who were are as individuals. When we welcome guests we need to feel good about ourselves, don’t we? We must make our home define us.

Choosing sustainability, contributing to nature is so important in today’s time and we can do that right from the basic thing; choosing organic products, choosing things best for us as well the planet. 

Handmade Hemp Home Decor is the current trend. It is also in the trend because people have started taking the matter of sustainability on a serious note e.g. hemp mask was in the market for COVID-19 and people have been buying them irrespective of their rates that differed a lot from the cotton masks. It has become important that we use eco-friendly products as a step to save our planet. We can’t help with that but choosing eco-friendly products for our day-to-day life is completely on us.

Hemp Curtains

Wonders of Hemp

Hemp potentials to be an incredible crop that can satisfy human’s need for fashion, nutrition, packaging, home décor, and even upholstery; without hurting the condition of our planet. Hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable and ecological materials made of fibers of a very high-yielding harvest from the family of the cannabis. Historically used for industrial purposes, like ropes and sails for ships, hemp is known as one of the most adaptable and sturdy natural fibers.

Hemp fabric is very gentle on the skin and is known for growing softer with each wash. Hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria and provides natural UV protection to our skin protecting us from hazardous diseases like skin cancer. It protects our skin and retains color better than other fabrics. Hemp fabric is quite practical. It can literally prevent us from getting stinky and is stronger and longer-lasting than cotton.

Hemp needs only about 5% of the water to grow unlike cotton and can also be rain-fed making it sustainable and safe for our environment. Hemp can grow in the soil conditions Uttarakhand and the Himalayan region of India and unlike cotton (which depletes the soil of nutrients). The roots of hemp reach deep into the soil and preserve both the topsoil and subsoil. Hemp grows very thickly, leaving no room for weeds and competing plants, and is less vulnerable to pests, insects, and other harmful microorganisms that deplete the quality of the soil. This results in no usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides to degrade the soil’s quality. Hemp grows extremely fast needing only 120-days to be ready for harvesting.

Sustainable option for our Home Decor Products

Hemp is one of the best options for making environment-friendly products and India has the most suitable environment to grow Industrial Hemp hence it gives us the most sustainable option for choosing hemp handmade home furnishing products for our loved private spheres. Markets have come out with a variety of products for our home décor that is absolutely natural, organic, and sustainable. Hemp pillow covers, hemp cushion covers, hemp dining tablewares, hemp wall hangings, hemp dream catchers are the ones trending on every leading website.

These products come in very sober colors and textures. The other best part about these products is they would not only enhance the look of your house but also you can become agents of change by passing on the trend and fashion sense to your circles.

Hemp curtains are the new thing; minimalistic color and design are a wonderful choice for the doors of your homes. That is the first thing that would get noticed by your guests and you can then create a brief awareness about sustainability and pass the message on (without making them bored)! These curtains are sturdy, classy, and sophisticated that would uplift the look of your beloved homes. Hemp fabrics are made from hemp plants and hemp fibers hence it rules out the option of cutting millions of trees for our selfish need and reduces carbon footprint thus keeping the planet green and sustainable and safe for our future generations to come.

Anything made from hemp fabric is organic and completely natural! Every part of the hemp plant can be used for the industrial purpose resulting in zero waste. This makes hemp home decor products the most sought after in the present times, organic, and environmentally friendly. Choosing hemp-choose a sustainable life! 

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