Hemp Paper For Environment

Hemp Paper For Environment

Hemp paper is one of the most sustainable options when it comes to opting for sustainable living. Sustainability is the need of the hour and we can save our planet with Hemp Paper. Papers are an integral part of civilization. One cannot do without papers. We need papers in our day-to-day lives. We need papers in our education system, at our workplace in our homes. We have been using paper as one of the essential commodities in our life. 

But have we ever thought of where these papers come from? Or how harmful are papers for our environment? We’ve been using it and we never gave a thought to it. To make papers every year millions of trees are chopped down causing major damage to the environment. Deforestation has made the ecology very uneven and it’s not late that we will have to hunt for oxygen in the coming time if this continues. We; humans have become very selfish and pay no attention to the consequences of our actions. I’m sure no one reading this would deny it!

Why Deforestation is a Serious Matter.

Losing our mature forests

We are losing our beauty along it becoming hazardous for our environment. The earlier views that we used to witness while traveling to the hills are gradually diminishing. The dis-balance that is created from deforestation would be harmful to all of us. The trees that are cut down have been providing us with oxygen, food, and shelter for hundreds of years. 

Erosion of our fertile topsoil

Due to deforestation, the soil is losing its agents; the roots clip to the soil. This has made the soil softer and every time we receive rainfall the topsoil that is also the fertile part of the soil gets washed away. This washing away takes away the nutrients present in the soil. This reason is also causing landslides that take the lives of people alongside being harmful to the environment. 

Species Extinction

The biggest impact of deforestation is the loss of habitat for millions of species. 70-80% of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. More and more species are going extinct every year because they lose their homes and since they become more exposed to hunters and poachers. According to the Centre for Biological Diversity, scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the original rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day. At this rate, they are predicting that 30-50% of all species could possibly be facing extinction by mid-century.

Driving Climate Change

Beyond the tropics, there has been a major loss of old-growth forests and the substitute of natural forests and woodlands with single-species plantations that provide few of the environmental, natural, and social benefits of native forests. As our forests disappear, climate change will only gather swiftness. Forests are vital to conserving the soil and maintaining the required oxygen in the air by removing carbon dioxide. The forests also keep the soil moist and help maintain the natural water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere. Trees also help to absorb the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming.

How Hemp Paper is made?


The process of hemp paper manufacturing starts by breaking down the bast fibers contained within the plant’s outer stem layer which can be molded into the proper size and shape using a deckle, or a special frame designed for paper-making. This process is not much different than the way in which paper is made from wood, however, it is more eco-friendly.

Hemp paper has been first invented or was used by China and as per records and it is also believed to be the oldest printed paper that exists is the one with cent percent of their script that dates to about 800 AD. It is also on record that the Declaration of the Independence of the US was written on Hemp Paper as well as the constitution.

Hemp has the best quality to make papers and its cellulose level is more than that of wood making it best for the organic and sustainable choice! Since there is no use of toxic elements papers made of hemp are safe and better in every way, as a result, no question of creating by-products harming the environment.

Hemp has been an excellent choice in every product and paper is one of them. It consumes lesser time is harvesting and requires no pesticides or harmful fertilizers and chemicals to grow. Trees on the other hand need a couple of decades to grow and when they are chopped off the entire ecology gets into trouble. Our natural habitat has to suffer and we are all contributing to ruining the lives of our future generations by choosing paper made from trees.

Hemp Paper vs. Tree Paper 

Hemp paper is sturdy and doesn’t tear easily unlike papers made from trees. Hemp papers are sustainable in nature and do not harm our green planet but choosing the paper made from wood pulp can cost us all the little habitat that is left on the planet.

Hemp papers are a little costly as it is new in the market and the production is not as high as wood paper but it is sustainable and long-lasting. Hemp paper does not require as much water as wood paper-saving water and contributing to our green planet.

Since there is no use of toxic elements and being highly sustainable in nature, we can save our planet with Hemp Paper without a doubt. No by-products are created in hemp paper production that would harm the environment. Paper products have high production of by-products.

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