Why is sustainability important to the hospitality industry?

Why is sustainability important to the hospitality industry?

Why is sustainability important to hospitality industry?

Sustainability is a significant concern now with the threatening state our world is turning into. Although it’s very important to increase awareness among every person of the advantages of a sustainable way of life and the consequences of not following through with it, the significant damage is carried out by the industrial factors.

The hospitality industry is a global sector that caters to a vast majority of people and with a vast majority of employees working to realize its objective. The hospitality industry, with its constant use of appliances, is generating a large number of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste on a daily basis. Cutting down on the waste will be a massive impact on the environment on its own and are also an inspiration to many others who prefer leading a lavish lifestyle.

From plastic straws to disposable coffee cups, the environmental issues of the hospitality industry have made headlines in recent months, also for all the wrong reasons. Hotels continue to damage the environment due to the usual culprits such as unnecessary packaging and energy usage in addition to the waste that comes in the endless paper receipts, enrollment cards, and statements that reception desks keep crying out. With an abundance of technology available to decrease waste, why not more establishments explore biodegradable options and much more environmentally friendly digital processes?

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According to a study by Natural Marketing Institute, 58 percent of these customers think about the effect of products and services made by a business on the surroundings. This study revealed that the customers were likely to buy the products from the business that practiced sustainable customs. This is definitely the main reason major hotel manufacturers have embraced sustainable practices to the extent that defines their brand new. The younger generation appears up into the manufacturers that reveal their attempts to protect the environment. Thus, with sustainable business practices, you can boost the standing of the new image of your resort which will just cause more profit.

Sustainable practices make hospitality organizations stand out. Today’s travelers, restaurant patrons, hotel bookers, and shoppers care for sustainability. They wish to know that the receiver they give their business to follow environmentally, socially, and culturally sound practices. An overwhelming majority of Generation Z’ers will pay more for services and products that don’t hurt the environment, deplete natural resources, or negatively influence the lives of people or wildlife.

Reducing Waste

Organizations have numerous opportunities to limit their waste. To decrease food waste, firms can source their food grow it on the website. This reduces how much food spoils and ensures fresher products. Businesses can also adopt food-donation policies that let patrons know unused food is likely to make it into the local food kitchen rather than simply being discarded. Installing water-efficient Goods, such as water-saving filters, can also make a difference in reducing waste.

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Organic products render a lighter carbon footprint than many others. By switching to organic, businesses establish a commitment to sustainability. Organic conveniences and fabrics may contain products made from natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. Additionally, organizations can choose products that come in recyclable packaging or biodegradable cartons.

Incorporating sustainable strategies to how an organization functions not only produces a fantastic impression and possibly saves money; in addition, it can protect the cultural and natural attractions guests have come to see.

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PLANET GREEN is an online platform to promote various innovative products made from sustainable, natural and environment friendly fabrics. It is a place for products that are handmade by using traditional techniques. Hemp promises to be the magical crop that can satiate human’s need for clothing, nutrition, packaging, and even housing; without hurting the sustenance of our planet. Eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials like hemp fabric, bamboo, jute, organic cotton are the fabrics that we use for all our products .e.g. hemp mask, hemp cushion cover, hemp pillow cover, hemp paper etc.

The hospitality industry must ensure it works in harmony with the environment and is mindful of its social and economic impact by not over consuming resources, working to conserve biodiversity, not polluting, and respecting local communities and workers. In doing so, the industry protects its very existence. For this reason and others, sustainable tourism has emerged. This practice showcases the environment and focuses on protecting ecological processes and conserving a location’s natural heritage. It also shows respect to host communities and work toward building cultural understanding with them.emp


Assessing sustainability in hospitality comes with many benefits. Aside from attracting more customers and responding responsibly to what many consider that a moral imperative, in light of this current climate catastrophe, sustainable initiatives offer hospitality companies incentives. Many hospitality organizations have embraced sustainability strategies. This intentional approach involves incorporating sustainable practices that achieve across all business operations.

Sustainability plans can help improve brand image. Most customers care for sustainability, according to a recent Trip Advisor poll. It found that 62% of travelers had opted for more environmentally friendly resorts, food, and transportation, and 69% of survey respondents said they planned to make more environmentally responsible travel choices later on. If organizations carefully concentrate on what guests desire and customize their services so, they can enhance this part of their business.

The growing significance of sustainability in hospitality is obvious. Today’s hospitality companies need leaders that can help implement sustainable practices and develop a civilization of social, environmental, and financial responsibility.

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