Why hemp is considered a gift of nature.

Why hemp is considered a gift of nature.

Hemp is an enchanted plant that has been able to win the hearts of people in recent times. It has incredible properties that make it unique from the other plants used for industrial purposes. The first and foremost point that needs to be highlighted is its sustainable nature and why it is considered a gift of nature. The plant itself is so divine and is alone able to contribute to the nature and environment at large. 

It requires no pesticides and toxic chemical fertilizers for growing. Requires much less water than any other industrial plant. Grows fast keeping room for more and more plants to grow in one plot of lands and disseminate ample oxygen to our environment. Products made from this plant leave no carbon footprints keeping our plant green. The entire plant is useful and beneficial to mankind from its leaves, to the bast, to the seeds; every part of this plant contributes. From the environment to the lives of people it has been able to prove its significance. 

The product range that can be procured from this particular plant has made everyone bow down to its aura! From plants, hemp has been able to get into our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, storage, balcony; or every corner of the house to be precise. Nature has gifted mankind with this wonderful plant that has the potential to be anything. Made into anything, turned into anything. Not anything but the best!

Hemp- A Gift of Nature 

Hemp is very rightly considered as the gift of nature. It can be used for medicinal purposes, construction purposes, highly nutritious, sustainable fabrics and textiles can be procured from it, and hemp can also be used for making sustainable paper and save millions of trees every year and save the environment. Hemp can also be used as biofuels, edible and cooking oil, dye, and many more. This plant has been rightly proved itself to be the best with time. Then and now!

Hemp Plant

Hemp’s nutritious quality makes it cool as well! The new generation that goes to the gym for bodybuilding and staying fit has the need for proteins in their daily diet. Protein powders, protein drinks are made from the seeds of this magical plant. Hence making hemp a cool plant! Also, the oil procured from hemp seed is extremely beneficial.

Hemp paper is another product made from this plant that is a wonder. Can you imagine a world without trees? All we can visualize is a world of people roaming with artificial oxygen masks everywhere. Very painful, right? To the rescue, we have hemp among us now. Hemp paper is one of the most sustainable options for our daily lives. We all need paper and for uses and a lot of it. It has the power to change the scenario that is prevalent today. Choosing hemp paper means no cutting down of the age-old trees, no global warming, no landslides, and no natural hazard. Only fresh air and the green planet intact.

Hemp has been used in history. There are records that say it was used long back in 8000 BC. It has been a part of very significant events like the Declaration of the Independence of the U.S. The archeological records of hemp were also found in places like China and Japan. Hemp was usually used in those places to make fabrics, footwear, ropes, and also for papers. Even the Vedas regard this to be one of the most sacred plants. 

Now with the coming of hemp products in the market, environmentalists, social scientists, and a lot of civil societies have come forward to make this green revolution go miles. People have started opting for products that are sustainable, eco-friendly, organic. The trend of choosing organic isn’t just a cliché for the elite class but has become a necessity now. It’s high time that people choose products of hemp and with the variety of products available it has become easier for people now, to procure, use, and spread awareness.

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