How is hemp fabric helping the small-scale fashion industry?

How is hemp fabric helping the small-scale fashion industry?

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable organic fibers available today, which makes it an excellent choice for garments. Very little investment is required as Hemp is easily grown in most regions of the world, though it prefers temperate or tropical climates. It grows fast and can be harvested up to three times per year saving the labor cost and more yielding in lesser expense. This makes it cheap and fast to cultivate and easy to care for any small-scale fashion industry owner.

Hemp also possesses a natural resistance to many insect species that saves the cost of chemicals and expensive fertilizers and requires very little water; less water means lesser money behind it. Till some years back Hemp had a bad reputation due to being classified wrongly as an illegal drug as it came from the species of marijuana.

Hemp has been kept largely under wraps among established fashion brands, though hemp fashion has gotten a grip in niche markets in the present times.  Hemp is 100% organic and is extremely helpful for the environment. The products made from it are sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable compared to other products.

Hemp in the small-scale fashion industry!

Hemp is truly a remarkable natural fiber. Among other advantages, one prominent advantage that has to do with the small-scale fashion industry is – hemp’s dense growth makes it a prime contributor to weed control and elimination. This negates the need for extra labor and caretaker in cultivation.

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Hemp grows thickly and the little sunlight allows for weed growth. Hemp is a high-yield crop, that matures in about 100 days on an approximately, and produces significantly more fiber than flax or cotton in the same amount of area. Flax grows once every six or seven years on the same land, while hemp can be grown more every two or three years.

Ad rem, the entire plant can be used, from seed to foliage and diverse products can be created such as building materials, paper, oil, supplements, and foods. Hemp is helping the small-scale fashion industry largely. The small entrepreneurs are the ones mostly promoting these fabrics in a better way with passion.

Sustainability and organic are the two words that are trending. Why? Because the deteriorating condition of our planet is very disturbing for everyone. With every small decision of us choosing harmful products, we are pushing the planet towards destruction.

Hemp is helping the small-scale fashion industry in different ways. Let’s also know about hemp fabrics and their varieties.

Hemp fabrics come in three varieties:

  • KNITS: Lightweight elastic fabrics meant for designing t-shirts, undergarments, home décor and sportswear.
  • WOVEN: Made on a loom, these fabrics come in varying thickness that can be used for clothing, accessories, and home décor.
  • HANDLOOM: these fabrics are tirelessly spun by hand; every handloom fabric is unique and can be used in the most interesting ways in clothing, accessories and home décor.

Looking for Where to Purchase?

Though there are many start-ups where you can buy hemp fabric and clothing there aren’t many sources where you can purchase high-quality hemp fabric and clothing. We at Planet Green have intensely worked with women and have witnessed their lives change with our start-up. 

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